How the Love for Apollo Became the Ring that Said Forever

We hand-matched diamonds, and then shaped them into a custom made paw mounting.

Apollo is the Greek god of sun and light. And, to one local couple, their dog Apollo was the light of their lives, a constant and beloved companion. So loved, that when Apollo became terminally ill from an enlarged heart at the age of 16, his human dad came into Martin Binder Jeweler to begin an amazing collaboration with our Personal Jeweler Jaime to create a custom ring to commemorate Apollo.

The result was a one-of-a-kind creation, sorting through dozens of diamonds for a perfect match, and hand-crafted by Martin Binder's jewelers into the shape of a diamond paw.  With this ring, a heart-shaped diamond at its center, Apollo's dad asked his girlfriend--Apollo's human mom--to be his wife.

Now engaged, and Apollo passed over the Rainbow Bridge, the couple shares with us the story of Apollo and the diamond paw print ring, saying:

"To an extent, he was just like any other dog. He loved to lounge in the sun, snoring in the warmth with all four legs up in the air. He loved to bounce around in the winter, lifting his short legs over the peaks of the snowfall. He loved to eat, begging for a quick snack at every family dinner.

'But what made Apollo special was that he was our dog. He loved so much and he was loved so much.'

He was as special to us as we know we were to him. So, with his departure came a void, a great pain which was inevitable but was unbearable to consider. But Apollo did not leave this world without leaving behind the most special gift for his mother…


Apollo had the best life a dog could ask for. He would ride on the wave-runner with his dad, ears flopping in the wind and drool spraying with the sea. He had a hearty appetite and readily devoured anything, from loaves of bread to Christmas presents, and may have washed it all down with peach Schnapps once or twice (very much to his mother’s ire). He enjoyed snuggling next to his mom in front of a toasty fireplace or under a big comfy blanket. But as all good things must come to an end, so did our hound’s time with us. After nearly 16 years giving all the love he could hold in his big paws, Apollo’s final days were quickly approaching. In these short moments, the dad spent time with the Hound and said he had an idea for a present for the mom’s upcoming birthday: a ring to commemorate his life and their love. And what better to accompany a diamond ring than a proposal? With a big lick of approval, it seemed as though Apollo gave his blessing.


After innumerable emails, visits, and conversations with Jaime at Martin Binder’s, the ring was designed and created, more perfect than anyone could have imagined. By this time, Apollo had passed, but his memory and his love was now embodied in perpetuity in his own diamond ring. His mom’s birthday came and his dad explained the story. As he detailed

Tucked to the side, a Citrine birthstone, and paw print marking finish off the shank, and make the ring personal, and even more special for the client.

that this year’s birthday present was a team effort, he presented the symbol of his love, and his dog’s love, for her.

'A symbol of the love shared between the three: bright, colorful, and forever.'

The ring which she laid eyes on took her breath away. The diamond ring was in the shape of a paw, with the ‘palm’ in the shape of an upside-down heart. The mom couldn’t believe how fitting it was. Her dog had passed as the result of an enlarged heart, too stuffed full of love she says, and so a big heart to commemorate him could not be more appropriate.  She was overwhelmed and could barely contain her excited “YES!” The ring is in so many ways a symbol of the love shared between the three: bright, colorful, and forever."

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