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Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani, LLC offers eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit, designed by Carolyn Rafaelian and made in America. Carolyn believes that every individual has a positive message to share with the world and by incorporating powerful symbolism and design into each positive energy piece, Alex and Ani provides a vehicle for the wearer to express their individuality in an organic, spiritual way. Carolyn believes it is her life’s work to support communities and organizations while inspiring her customers to relish what is unique and authentic about themselves, revealing the beauty that resides within.
Alex and Ani believes in the power of positive energy, a core company principle. They have made it there mission to share the benefits of positive energy through the unique beauty and symbolism of our products. Inspired by the wisdom of ancient thinkers, Alex and Ani researched the most effective methods of designing there products with the beneficial positive energy that scientists refer to as vital force.
Ancient and modern traditions refer to vital force by many names; chi, prana, etheric energy, life force, zero point energy, homeopathic resonance, etc.



The Alex and Ani aesthetic underscores the idea that what is pure and natural is most beautiful and creating jewelry from recycled materials enriches the beauty of each piece. Founder and creative designer Carolyn Rafaelian embraces a philosophy that is based upon using eco-friendly, recycled materials made entirely in the United States. Because of this, Alex and Ani is able to purchase metals from local mills who have received recycled scraps from refineries, which in turn, use those pieces and sell their scraps back to the Mills. Carolyn believes that by creating designs that support the environment and encourage social consciousness, consumers can use their purchases to make a difference in protecting our planet and our future.


Alex and Ani is a company dedicated to creating products of unparalleled quality and beauty that promote consciousness and unity. Manufacturing in the United States and reusing and recycling materials is an integral part of Alex and Ani’s mission as a conscious and eco-friendly company. Alex and Ani’s collections are not only eco-friendly, they are made up of powerful, meaningful, and spiritual pieces, which uplift and inspire all who wear them.


This concept replaces traditional clasps with a sliding mechanism, making each piece adjustable. This feature is available in expandable wire bracelets and rings, expandable chain necklaces and endless hoop earrings allowing everyone to have a piece of jewelry customized for a perfect fit.
Available in precious metals or our signature Rafaelian Gold and Rafaelian Silver finishes and adorned with sacred symbols and stones, the expandable collection is timeless, classic and collectible.


Charity By Design is the heart and soul of Alex and Ani. Carolyn works closely with organizations in creating a unique design that embodies the message and reflects the beauty of each charitable organization.

We believe profoundly that people everywhere are anxious to participate in creating change and empowering those who so clearly need assistance. By allowing consumers to enter the charitable world through their purchases, we believe a new generation of philanthropists will emerge.


Rachel Rafaelian-Ajaj, head designer of Vintage Sixty-Six by Alex and Ani hails from a long lineage of jewelry designers and manufacturers. Rafaelian-Ajaj's designs and work aesthetic were originally inspired by her grandfather, Ralph Rafaelian, who opened the family's jewelry factory in 1966. Her collections incorporate castings, stones and jewels from molds that date back to the roots of the Rafaelian family. The success and accomplishments of her aunt, Carolyn Rafaelian, owner and designer of Alex and Ani, continue to motivate and drive Rafaelian-Ajaj's achievements.

Although distinctly different from her aunt's line, Rachel's signature retro-chic style stays true to Alex and Ani's eco-friendly philosophy. "I was meant to be born in the sixties," says Rafaelian-Ajaj, "I love pushing the boundaries and designing for the girl who isn't afraid to be a little bit rock 'n roll, while staying true to her femininity."

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