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Le Vian®

Le Vian® has always catered to the discerning individual who seeks unique and higher quality jewels that are made in very limited quantities thus many Le Vian® designs are one-of-a-kinds or limited editions in small numbers. Le Vian® timepieces are Swiss-made in highly limited editions that are individually numbered.

Satisfy your craving for trendsetting fine jewelry design.

Le Vian® is the internationally renowned fine jeweler with a storied past tied to the historical jewels of ancient royalty and a trend setting present bejeweling hundreds of celebrities for Red Carpet appearances each year. The world’s leading innovator in fine jewelry, Le Vian creates the hottest new design concepts uniquely flavored with the sweetest diamonds, gems and gold. Discover

Discover the flavors of Le Vian fine jewelry designs including Chocolate Diamonds®, exclusively by

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Experience the saga of Le Vian® , from ancient royalty to today's red carpet. View the family' jeweled archives for a glittering glimpse into the history of this iconic designer, one of the older jewelers in the world today.

the historical Le Vian® jewels tell the story of a family's steadfast integrity and love of designs, gemstones and quality.

It is this a passion for great gemstones that is an internationally acclaimed Le Vian® is at the forefront of creating the most exquisite natural fancy color diamond jewels, in a kaleidoscope of colors including pink, yellow and the exclusive Chocolate Diamonds as well as the most exotic and intense neon blue Paraiba Tourmalines.

Le vian's mastery of gem cutting maximizes the brilliance of each gemstone and brings it to its full potential.

Le vian's introduction of multiple new and innovative gem cuts including the Parisian Honeycomb Cut and Extraterrestrial Step Cut Tm is especially noteworthy with each cut successfully bringing out the unique flavors of

Many of the antique pieces hold the seeds of modern Le Vian® design and, conversely, today's styles uniquely replicate incomparable techniques of the past.

From the beginning, Le Vian® artisans have explored never-before effects and searched out new materials to make their work unique and give it lasting worth. Today, this translates to its unique formulas for black rhodium which brings out the intensity of its Chocolate Diamonds as well as its proprietary Strawberry Gold.

Le Vian is following its dreams, creating - and re-creating designs never before attempted. Visualizing then bringing to realization settings in which gemstones have never previously before been set.

"If it’s not Le Vian®, it’s not Chocolate Diamonds®”™

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