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Originally, a team of designers and aircraft control specialists came together for a singular project: creating watches perfectly suited to professional use. Their ambition was to be part of the great Swiss watch-making tradition while meeting the demands of men facing extreme situations. Today astronauts, pilots, divers and bomb-disposal experts use Bell & Ross watches as a tool on their missions.

There are professions where one must bear excessive temperatures, tolerate violent accelerations or withstand dangerous pressures. These extreme situations are studied by Bell & Ross with the people who experience them: astronauts, pilots, bomb-disposal experts and divers. These are professionals for whom a watch must not only be a tool in their work but also a constant ally.

To ensure that a watch perfectly meets its wearer’s expectations, Bell & Ross gathers a team of experts with complementary skills. Professional users, designers, engineers and master watchmakers combine their skills and experience with a sole objective in mind – to create a utilitarian watch – with the motto that the essential is never compromised by the superfluous.



Designed for professionals who demand optimal reliability, Bell & Ross watches meet four fundamental principles: readability, performance, precision and water-resistance. Thus, every detail has its purpose, its function. This technical exactness is expressed through pure lines and timeless elegance.


The final adjustments are made to Bell & Ross watches once they have been developed and assembled in the production facilities at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. All their expertise is reflected in the precision of the measurements, the rigor of the inspections and the attention to each phase of the work, regardless of the mechanical complexity of the watch.

The mechanical movement is the watch’s engine and represents a real technical challenge: within a tightly constricted space, a perpetual, accurate and reliable movement must be created. Consisting of hundreds of parts assembled, adjusted and tested in minute detail by the master watchmaker, it provides several days’ power reserve through the movements of the wrist. This "living organ”, a masterpiece of ingenuity, symbolizes several centuries of human and watch-making history.

Each Bell & Ross watch is an exceptional piece built around a highly complex and precise mechanism, which day after day takes part in the conquest of the sky, land and sea. Three exceptional timepieces epitomize the history of the brand and have become benchmarks both for their mechanical sophistication and for the technical challenge they represent.

Astronauts, military pilots, elite police, race car drivers, submariners and underwater bomb-disposal experts use Bell & Ross watches as tools on their missions.


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